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The results of a physical workout are pretty easy to prove. Just step on a scale and you can literally see that progress. Take a measuring tape to your waist or biceps and there’s tangible evidence that your workout went great. You can’t, however, do that for your mind. You can meditate, solve puzzles, go to therapy, but apart from feeling better, there isn’t any measurable indication that your mind is fit and sharp and at the top of its game. Designed to be ‘gym equipment’ for your mind, Mendi lets you train your brain and even measure its progress along the way. This can help you be more mindful, beat stress, improve your mental and physical performance at work or while playing a sport, and even help overcome learning difficulties.

Mendi sits on your head, like a slim innocuous headband, but underneath its sleek exterior, it holds a myriad of sensors that measure brain activity, blood flow, and oxygenation of your prefrontal cortex. Paired with an app that lets you go through brain-exercises, Mendi tracks your brain’s activity while the app pushes you to use your mind more through a series of focus-building games. At the end of a 10-minute session, the app lets you know how much energy your brain expended, what progress you made, and where you’re currently at. Just as a physical scale can tell you how much weight you gained or lost, Mendi can tell you how much mental heavy-lifting your brain is capable of.

The tech comes backed and endorsed by quite a few reputable sources, the EU and NASA being some of them. Using the Mendi for just 10 minutes twice or thrice a week can help you achieve optimal performance… which translates to a bunch of things. Researchers and medical professionals who’ve been using Mendi claim that a healthier brain can overcome stress and anxiety, think clearly, remember more, sleep better, and even augment your physical performance, being able to push your limits while working out, or playing a sport. Whether you’re an artist, an athlete, in academics or a professional, or whether you just want your mind to be at peak performance, the Mendi helps you give your brain the workout it needs… in a way that’s much more effective and safer than medicines, meditation, and mind-exercises. Besides, you can measure your progress too, which really helps you know how far you’ve come!


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