If you think about it, we’ve come a long way since the first ever camera on a phone. Cameras on today’s smartphones can motion-track, add virtual objects in real spaces, can 3D scan, and do a wide variety of things thanks to the incredible chipset that gives the lens superpowers. They can’t, however, capture in stereoscopic 3D just yet, but pop on a VIEWPT VR180 NANO onto your phone and you’ve got the ability to shoot 3D VR content in super high 4K resolution!

The VIEWPT (pronounced Viewpoint) VR180 NANO is a small, portable dual-lensed camera that was designed to mimic human eyes. With two identical 180° lenses placed a few calculated inches apart, the VIEWPT VR180 NANO captures a left and right channel just like your eyes do. Bring that into a VR headset and you don’t just see images, you see a point of view. The pictures and videos you capture using the VIEWPT NANO feel incredibly realistic because you actually perceive depth in them, something your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy phone can’t do just yet. The most they can do is perform edge-detection to create a foreground and background, but the VIEWPT NANO’s images are in real, cinema-grade stereoscopic 3D. The fisheye lenses cover most of human peripheral vision, allowing you, as a consumer or a content creator, to explore a format that is still reserved for professionals rather than consumers. The VIEWPT NANO sits right on your smartphone, letting you film video just the way you would with your phone’s camera. It comes with a native app that lets you control the VR camera via your phone, allowing you to work even remotely with the VR camera mounted on a tripod.

The VIEWPT NANO captures in 4K, allowing you to save images and videos either directly to your phone or even livestream it. A 700mAh battery gives it an hour’s worth of shooting time, although it comes with a USB-C base that you can even plug into a power bank to keep your camera running. The result is photos and videos that literally pop. From music videos to sports games, from a fun group photo to an action camera, from your wedding to your child’s first steps, the 3D VR camera captures images the way you see it, so you’re not capturing flat shots, you’re capturing vivid, realistic memories! Plus with 5G on the way things can only get better!


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