Wireless Continous Temperature Monitor


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The PouchP is the intermediary step between not wearing a smartwatch and wearing one. It sits in this niche on purpose, with the intent of being for people who don’t necessarily NEED a smartwatch or a fitness tracker, but would like to be able to monitor their health. The PouchP, designed as a response to the pandemic, is a simple wearable with one job – constant body-temperature screening. It straps to your wrist, never needs to be charged, runs for 6 months on a replaceable CR2032 battery, and consistently records your body temperature so you don’t have to use a thermometer or those infrared guns.

The PouchP wearable comes with a mobile app that documents and assesses your temperature in a neat, data dashboard. Its competitive advantage lies in the fact that it’s constantly monitoring your temperature so you don’t periodically need to… and the fact that it provides much more accurate readings than temperature guns. The device sits on your wrist like a regular bracelet, lacks an interface, so kids and elderly can wear it too, and is water-resistant, so it can even be worn in the shower or while it’s raining. It sends a minute-by-minute reading of your temperature to your smartphone and the app creates a log-book of your temperature history, even notifying you when your temperature sees any concerning change. Multiple PouchP devices can be linked directly to a single smartphone, allowing you to easily monitor groups of people like your family, or people in an elderly home.

A clinical-grade temperature sensor within the Pouch provides accurate temperature readings. It sits within the bracelet’s hypoallergenic silicone and polycarbonate body that gives the bracelet a combination of durability and comfortability. The Pouch is powered by a single, replaceable CR2032 coin-battery, running for 6 months without needing to be charged. The wearable comes in three sizes, working well for adults as well as children, and backers of the project get a free lifetime subscription to the app’s data dashboard. The FDA says that body temperature is one of the critical factors to determine if a person is healthy. The Pouch, in that regard, does its job well, working as a better alternative to getting your temperature checked using thermometers that need sharing, are often inaccurate, and are only used periodically… or by smartwatches that are much more expensive, and with their complex interfaces, aren’t particularly suited for everybody.


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